Specialty Services

L&N offers the complete package not just the team with the fancy equipment, tear it up unnecessarily, leave a mess, and don’t forget the Big Bill, none of which makes any sense.

L&N brings the compassion, expertise, care, and immediate attention to detail during an owner’s property flood, fire or mold emergency. The goal is simple do the kind of job that you would do in your own property whether investment, real, commercial space, residential, government, state or local municipality buildings the space is precious to the  ‘owner’, or ‘owners’ and the experience is one which we all hope not to endure.

L&N delivery method encompasses the assurance that Timing is critical, Our Methodology which involves the immediate removal of water, protection of content, removal of damaged building material, drying of damaged areas and treatment for mold. Once we can accomplish this while making any necessary pipe repairs or diverting the source of incoming water, we begin the renovation process. Our team provides cost analysis and within the owners budget where possible during these events cost becomes manageable when L&N and the owner can identify what the owners future intentions will be with their investment and the goals for the facilities future.

We will work with a client’s budget during renovation offering options in which to restore the property as it was, or to enhance the property offering sustainability in replacement of goods and material that enhance the longevity of the structure for years to come.