Remediate, Mitigate, and Restoration Services

We are an experienced contractor in Catastrophe restoration property damage due to Flood, Fire, Tornado, Hail, and Wind Storms.  We have experience in working with major insurance carriers, and we pledge to ensure your claim will be properly evaluated by L&N.

As a Full Service General Contracting firm, we are emergency prepared to remove large amounts of water, debris, and quickly mitigate your property investment protecting you as quickly as possible from mold.  In the event pre-existing mold is present we are equipped to remediate that damage and treat, protect, restore your property and you’re contents.

We are knowledgeable professionals capable of completing all of your construction needs, efficiently, timely, in budget making the necessary repairs to your investment to restore your property.  We are licensed and insured for all residential, multi-family, and commercial properties.


  • Don’t be taken by the quick to estimate, door to door hard sales tactic contractors who are quick to offer to fix your home for your initial insurance payment or offer to do the work without you’re paying your deductible, recoverable depreciation costs among many other tactics.
  • 9 times out of 10, the field adjuster has missed damage to your property. They most often are not experienced to evaluate propertly every single detail as their main goal is about monetary value and not property value and property value and restoration is every home.
  • There are consequences to starting work that isn’t properly evaluated and can cost you time, aggravation, additional money unnecessarily. Having an experienced construction professional not just a trades person is critical to proper evaluation of the damage is critical.
  • This is a common problem when owners are taken by the emotional stress of the catastrophe itself and just want their property restored asap not being aware of all of the do’s and don’ts.
  • Be aware of the Roofing Contractor who claims to be experienced, licensed and insured to do other work besides roofing, as they are most often not General Contractors.
  • Be aware of the exterior services companies claiming also to be experienced, licensed and insured to do ALL exterior work on your home, again often times are not General Contractors.

Making the right choices, makes the difference in professional restoration of your investment property.

L&N Contractors’, Inc. is a fourth generation, General Contractor offering Coloradans Artisan construction services since 1991. General Contractor, President Pam Lowe and our Project Management team bring years of experience, expertise, and passion to each clients project. With decades of experience in commercial and residential construction L&N brings extensive knowledge and attention to detail ensuring your claim is properly evaluated.

We are capable of handling small, large catastrophe storm damage and restoration offering a 24/7 emergency response solution during Colorado Catastrophes.

Our Project Management Team ensures at Pre-Construction to Post-Construction each and every project is completed on time and in budget keeping an open line of communication with our clients and your insurance carrier.  We will work to ensure your property is correctly evaluated and an accurate cost analysis is performed in which to properly and professionally restore your property to its original state.