From building the core and shell construction and mixed-use building to finishing the tenants’ office or retail space, L&N offers extensive commercial experience!

Construction Services

This is where the rubber truly meets the road. You can have all the systems and procedures known to man and woman, but even the most forward-thinking technology is all but useless in the wrong hands. L&N focuses on finding and training the best builders in Colorado-this is where our true value lies.

During the construction phase of a project, whether it’s a new home, office building, multi-family industrial facility or a sustainable construction and design building project, L&N mobilizes our on-site staff of experienced and knowledgeable builders—acting as the owner’s eyes and ears and interacting closely with the project team throughout the process.

In addition to our extensive Safety and Quality programs, the services that can be provided by the L&N team during construction include:

Project Scheduling

L&N provides a system of schedule development and continual monitoring that enables flexibility and encourages communication. L&N’s project schedules are highly accurate in projecting construction durations and extremely detailed in the amount of information we provide to the project team. Our historical data is combined with knowledge of the local contracting environment and our experience as creative builders and on-site commercial contractors. We implement principles of Lean construction into our scheduling approach to make the process highly efficient, convening regular meetings between our project staff and subcontractors to ensure schedule compliance.

Equipment and Material Procurement

During preconstruction, L&N identifies “long lead time” material and equipment purchases, working closely with the design team to develop a procurement strategy.  L&N frequently procures major items of equipment prior to the start of construction as decided by the project team.


L&N has a long history as a successful self-performing commercial, residential general contractor. We’re not just a “broker” of subcontractors-we are capable of performing the most critical work to drive the project schedule and set quality standards for the project.