Most of our new projects come from client referrals. This is because of the excellent service we provide. Below, you can read actual comments submitted by our customers.

Review by Jeffrey B in Denver, CO

Project: Wood Flooring - Refinish
Comments: This was a great experience working with this company. We they lifted the carpet the floors were a mess. There were several layers of tile, linoleum, vinyl and several coats of paint. This house was built in 1895 and the floors look brand new. Great company!

Review by Eugene B in Parker, CO

Project: Exterior Home or Structure - Paint or Stain
Comments: Excellant work done. Very nice paint job. The painters were very condiderate of our needs and asked befroe they did something that might interfere with us.


Review by BRET/CAROL G in Littleton, CO

Project: Wood Flooring - Refinish
Comments: L&N, Pam, was professional and provided prompt service. My floors were done beautifully within a week which was important to me as I was starting a new job after Labor Day. Thanks!

Review by D'Anne D in Denver, CO

Project: Designer - Residential (Interior Space Planner)
Comments: I was delighted to work with L&N Contractors mostly because I was pleasantly surprised that it was run by a woman who could provide everything from design layout to performing high quality construction, keeping in mind the female perspective. I would only caution potential clients to be fully prepared, prior to signing a contract, so as to not make changes along the way, as they are costly. All in all, I am very pleased with the quality of work and Pam Lowe was a lot of fun to work with. I would use her again in the future.

Review by Cathy M in Centennial, CO

Project: Interior Home or Surfaces - Paint or Stain
Comments: : I would like to rate Pam Lowe of L and N Contractors 5 stars across the board. This mighty little person is all she says she is. This person did the work of 5 people alone and with her so called help finished my job and took care of everything and every detail. Her help let her down, it's remarkable to me that people do not have the work ethic and the pride to do a job and stay on it and be proud of what they did. Pam does, it may take her a little longer, (not much) longer than a crew of 5. I am satisfied with L and N Contractors and would hire them again. When I was well I had a work ethic I would like to think parallels Pam's. Some of us were raised that way. Thanks to Mom and Dad. I feel really great that I got to see that same desire and pride with L and N.L and N was the first to contact me and they always were in contact or telling me where the project stood. I would like to thank Service Magic for having the foresight to hire L and N Contractors.

Review by Jeff N in Parker, CO

Project: Wood Flooring - Refinish
Comments: We are extremely pleased with the floor. It looks better than it did when it was brand new. Thanks!

Review by Elizabeth T in Denver, CO
Project: Bathroom - Remodel
Comments: Since this was my first remodel project I wasn't sure what to expect. I was contacted shortly after I submitted my request by Pam Lowe of L&N Contractors. Pam was very friendly and professional through out the whole project. She listened to my concerns in regards to improving the master bathroom and came up with a plan that was within my budget. Her team of professionals were great to work with and they also, were very friendly and courteous. I am very happy with my new and improved bathroom. I would hire Pam again for future projects I am considering. Thank you Service Magic for the great service you provide it made the whole process of finding a contractor so much easier. I will recommend Pam Lowe and Service Magic to my friends.

Review by Jay L in Denver, CO

Project: Kitchen - Remodel
Comments: Pam was AWSOME. I would recommend her to anyone. There really is only one choice in contractors and that is L+N. L+N exceeded my expectations, I can't say enough good things abou them!
Review by Wayne C in Aurora, CO
Project: Wood Flooring - Refinish
Comments: L & N Contractors was on time, on budget and as helpful as any contractor can be. The quality of work on our hardwood floors refinishing project was fantastic. They removed some real ugly stains and put down a beautiful finish we will enjoy for years to come. We will use L & N Contractors again in our future remodeling projects.

Mervin Walter
HVAC Services
March 3, 2016

Pam Lowe
L&N Contractors
3719 S. Ensenada Street
Aurora, CO 80013

I worked with Pam Lowe, on a project in the fall of 2015, for a time of about 3 months. I was contacted by Pam for a bid on reinstalling an air conditioning unit, checking out the furnace, and relocating the condensate line, on one of her projects. From what I could see, what I had to do, was miner compared to what Pam had done, and still needed to do to complete the project.
Over that three-month period, Pam had organized and coordinated flood and mold remediation from the basement of the property that included tear out and reconstruction of the flooded basement, concrete, drain work, sprinklers, custom gardens & landscaping for the entire lot, as well as new gutters, window wells, fencing, and painting for the interior and exterior of the building. Not to mention the French drain and sump system to help with future water problems.
Throughout the project having to deal with weather delays, contractors retiring and people not being able to do the jobs that they said that they were able to do, Pam was able to find replacements and if not she would step up to do the work herself, to assure that the project continued to move forward and the work performed timely and professionally.
Pam’s standards, beliefs and work ethic speak for themselves. She is an asset to any one that hires her.
If you would like additional information about Pam, you can telephone me at (406) 366-5160.
Mervin Walter

Mervin Walter
Hvac Services

Home Renovation, Flood Mitigation, Basement Finish, Many Other Projects

I bought my home, got married, while on my honeymoon came home to my basement flooded!

I was referred to L&N Contractors, Pam Lowe. While I was surprised to see a woman my experiences over the next 4 months with L&N, Pam Lowe & crew were amazing.
Pam was very knowledgable, organized in midst of chaos, thorough, and met everyone of my project needs to completion of which there were many.
L&N is a great company which I will hire again in future. If your looking for a great company hire this woman she is every bit worth it.
L&N performed on many large scale projects on my property with skill, attention detail, planning and organizing all of our project needs of which were many. She actually opetated all heavy equipment on our property which was amazing among many tasks.
I will recommend L&N Contractors, Pam Lowe and crew to anyone looking for a great contractor. They offer complete construction services, Diaster relief and professional consulting services. I found it hard to find a company that could provide all of these various services. Thank you L&N! Scott Press Denver, Co

Scott Press

Great Work!

Yes great work! No hassle customer service 100%

Chuck Hahn
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